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Baptism, or “Christening” as it is sometimes called, is the rite or service we use when we join the Christian family, the Church.  We are born into our family; some of us are adopted into our family.  Through baptism we become part of the church family – in a sense, we are adopted into God’s family.

The service of baptism takes place at our main Sunday service, on particular Sundays of the year, chosen for their special significance:  Holy Cross (September), All Saints (November), Baptism of the Lord (January), the Easter Vigil (evening before Easter Sunday), and Pentecost (May/June).

Baptism is not a private affair.  The reason for this is that we want as many members of the church family as possible in attendance. Welcoming the newly baptized person into our church family community is a very important part of the baptism service.

A person can be baptized at any age.  If the person is an adult or a teenager they make promises to God and the rest of the church family during the baptism service. If the person to be baptized is an infant or a young child, it is the parents and godparents (sponsors) who make those promises on the child’s behalf.

Those wishing to be baptized, or the parents of infants/young children, need to be already coming to church.  We don’t expect perfect attendance, and we know that doing anything with babies and young children is a challenge, but one of the promises you will be making is that you will be part of the worshipping Christian community.  It’s important to know what it’s all about before making any promises!

To learn more, our Rector, the Rev. Lynn Mitchell will be pleased to respond to any email queries or phone calls 613.394.4244  x3


Question:  I was never baptized as a child, what do I do now? 

Can I still come to church?


Baptism used to be something that almost “everyone” did for their children.  Over the past 40 years, our society has changed significantly, and many are not baptized or have any connection with a church community.  Everyone is welcome to come to our churches, to participate fully in the life of our Anglican Quinte community.  No pressure. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this. If you find that you wish to deepen your commitment and be baptized, please speak with our Rector.



Congratulations! Weddings are a wonderful celebration for family and friends!  If you would like to consider being married at Holy Trinity, Christ Church, or St. George’s, we encourage you to come to the Sunday service a few times to get the sense of the community.  At least one person of the couple should be baptized.


All weddings taking place at any of our three churches are under the guidance and direction of the Rector, and are ‘Anglican’ weddings.  Did you like the Royal Wedding? It was a great Anglican service, and together we can create the same kind of beautiful service for you.


 Music, service details, and church decoration are decided upon in conversation with Rev. Lynn+.  Couples are also required to participate in marriage preparation as part of the process leading to the wedding day.


There are fees for the priest, the organist, the custodian, and the Altar Guild.  For those who are not financially supporting members of the parish, there is also a required donation to the church for which a tax receipt will be issued. 

For full details, please contact the parish office

613.394.4244  x2


Funerals/Memorial Services

All members of our Parish family are encouraged to use the church for funerals or memorial services.  We are also open to holding services for the wider public, and consider the Anglican Churches of Quinte West as a community resource to help those who are bereaved.  Please note there is a fee for the priest to officiate at the funeral.


Each service will reflect the character and values of the deceased, and the family of the deceased.  It will always be an Anglican service, but there are many possibilities for making each service unique and special. 


We are also able to provide (at a per person cost) a reception/lunch in the parish hall following the service.  Our local funeral homes are an excellent source of assistance and information, including costs, and we work closely together. 


St. George’s Cemetery in Trenton and Holy Trinity Cemetery in Frankford are also part of our Parish.  The funeral homes can provide you with more information, or see the cemetery link on our website. 

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