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Worship Information

January 29, 2023
One service Jan 29, for all of ACQW at 1030 at
St. George's followed by a potluck lunch
In person services regularly occur:
St. George's  8:00 a.m.
10:30 a.m.
Christ Church 9:00 a.m.
Holy Trinity 10:30 a.m.
You can also visit us for worship via Facebook
or youtube
All worship services are available on our youtube channel by clicking the
link above.

Worship Service on YouTube

"Anglican Quinte"

For Sunday readings
see online bulletin
found here click for link

Free lunches at
St. George's, Tuesdays at 12


Featured in the Diocesan E-News Weekly

TRENTON. A sign outside St. George’s Church in Trenton advertises the parishes weekly free community meal program. The churches meal program was chosen by ‘100 Men Who Care Quinte’ as the charity of choice in 2021. Photo-Mark Hauser.

“Do your little bit of good where you are. It’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”  Desmond Tutu

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Gallery of photos

bag lunch community supper 1
bag lunch community supper 1

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bag lunch community supper 3
bag lunch community supper 3

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bag lunch community supper 1
bag lunch community supper 1

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rev lynn cemetary.jpg

Rev. Lynn Mitchell had the privilege of observing ANZAC Day with Noel Funge at St. George’s Cemetery. Two Australian airmen from WWII are interred here. The small rock Noel placed on the top of Pilot Officer Alexander Ross’s gravestone is from ANZAC Cove Beach in Turkey.

Upcoming and to note....


Click here for Events page

Link to Rev.Lynn letter
Care and Share Food Bank

Consider adding a foodbank donation to your weekly shopping list.  We collect all types of perishable food items and all donations are gratefully received. 

Link to St. Georges Cemetery Page

 St. George’s


Idea Exchange


Sunday, February 5th

as part of the 10:30 service



What’s our 2023 vision for

 St. George’s?  

How can we make our vision a reality?



As with most faith communities, the three years of pandemic has taken its toll on St. George’s, both financially and in terms of volunteer involvement. We got out of certain habits and practices of being and doing.


Our Wardens, Advisory Council members, and Parish Priest want 2023 to be a year of rebuilding and refocusing.  How can we work smarter and get more accomplished this year?


We need YOUR help and input.


On Sunday, February 5th, as part of our 10:30 service, we invite you to participate in an “ideas exchange” which will give everyone an opportunity to share ideas in response to some guiding questions.  Our process will be facilitated by our companion parishioner, Lisa Refausse.


We hope that you will join in this important conversation.


Bring your good ideas with you!


Contact Us

Anglican Churches of Quinte West
Administrative Office at St. Georges
613-394-4244  x. 2 
Christ Church Glen Miller
Holy Trinity Frankford


St. Georges Cemetary
613-394-4244 x. 2

To contact our Parish Priest
The Rev Lynn Mitchell 
613-394-4244 x. 3
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