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Baby Baptism Ceremony

Baptism: A Sacred Rite of Spirit

Baptism, or 'Christening,' is our joyful entrance into the Christian family, the Church. Just as we are born into our earthly families or adopted into them, baptism welcomes us into God's family. The ceremony usually takes place during our main Sunday service on special Sundays like Holy Cross, All Saints, Baptism of the Lord, Easter Vigil, or Pentecost.

It's a community celebration, not private, because we want our church family there to welcome the new member. Baptism can happen at any age. Adults or teenagers make promises to God and the church, while parents and godparents do this for infants or young children.

To be baptized, or to baptize your child, it helps if you're already part of our church community. We don't expect perfect attendance, especially with little ones, but being part of our worshipping community is important. If you were not baptized as a child and now wish to, talk to our Priest. Everyone is welcome here, and there's no pressure. We're here to support you on your spiritual journey!

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Marriage Ceremony


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We believe weddings are a joyful celebration for both families and friends. If you're considering getting married at Holy Trinity, Christ Church, or St. George’s, we invite you to attend our Sunday service a few times to experience our community. At least one person of the couple should be baptized.

All weddings at our churches are Anglican weddings and are conducted under the guidance of the Priest. If you enjoyed the Royal Wedding, you'll love our Anglican service, and we can work together to create a similarly beautiful experience for you.

Details such as music, service arrangements, and church decorations will be discussed with our Priest. Couples are also required to participate in marriage preparation as part of the process leading up to the wedding day.

There is a fee for the services of the priest, organist, custodian, and Altar Guild. Additionally, non-financially supporting members of the parish are kindly asked to make a donation to the church, for which a tax receipt will be issued.

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